Readout Archive 2019

Lucian Thomas, KF6NPG has resurrected the Readout, our club newsletter for 2019.

Past issues of the readout from 2019

From the desk of the Readout editor: Lucian Thomas, KF6NPG.

Welcome everyone to the resurrection of the SARA club newsletter “The Readout”. It has been 5 years since the last publication of our club newsletter. We felt it was time to bring it back so that club members can be informed of all of the club and ham radio activities in our area. Believe it or not there is a lot going on in the SJV (San Joaquin Valley Section). In future editions we hope to have articles by the club officers, ARES officers and club members. We will also have general ham radio related information that should be informative for all.

If anyone has information that they want to be included in the Readout please submit to the editor at